CEO Notes

Shareholder/Investor Update, April 2010

April 5, 2010

CEO’s Note to Shareholders and interested Investors

Our web site www.eskaymining.com now has a link set on the home page with a video produced by Smartstox, interviewing both Paul McGuigan and myself. This video is intended to bean outline of what we plan to do this year with the exploration program. We intend to concentrate our efforts on the St. Andrew Goldfields option in order to earn our 80% interest in the property. Naturally, all plans are subject to financial ability of the company. At this time, many investment funds are not as anxious to invest in our type of company, ie one without resources or reserves. However, we are working diligently to make our plans a reality for 2010.

The market for junior gold exploration companies remains lackluster at best. As I outlined in last month’s CEO notes, there are too many companies looking for dollars from shareholders. Interest however does pick up rapidly with success.

We are posting a couple of interesting articles about the Golden Triangle of BC, which gives background and information on our opportunity. There is a much needed power transmission line being built through our area, which will open up large interest in the area.

I trust the video and articles will provide you with better information for you to make decisions on your shareholdings. Your company has also begun advertising on two of the premier gold related web sites, 321gold.com and gold-eagle.com. This is helping increase awareness of our company and the potential. As well, we have completed a CEO Clips piece to be aired on BNN one week per month beginning on April 19th. These are 30 second pieces to gain exposure to Eskay Mining.

The move to Toronto is almost complete with changes made to the web site to reflect those changes.

During the past few months we have made great progress to developing our plans for success. Patience is a virtue when it comes to junior mining investments. I have heard from shareholders with more patience than myself, which is a good thing going forward.

Mac Balkam, CEO