SIB and Lulu Zones

The SIB zone and Lulu deposit lie along the western limb of the Eskay anticline (Figure 4), approximately 4 km southwest of and within the same Hazelton Group stratigraphy as the Eskay Creek Mine. SIB and Lulu comprise several stratiform zones of auriferous sulphide mineralization found within Upper and Lower Hazelton Group rocks and continues a trend of similar mineralization along the western limb of the Eskay anticline including the world-class gold deposit at Eskay Creek Mine, the 22 Zone, and the Tom MacKay Zone all owned by Skeena Resources. Company geologists sampled and re-logged historical core from this zone, to refine the geological model, and better characterize the auriferous mineralization.

Drill hole 02-113 was drilled through a representative section of Upper and Lower Hazelton Group rocks. Detailed lithological and alteration logging in combination with lithogeochemical sampling was used to produce the chemostratigraphic log in Figure 5.


Figure 4: Geologic map of SIB and Lulu stratiform VMS deposits.


Figure 5: Core log with assays and select lithogeochemical data for drill hole 02-113.


Figure 6: Legend for 02-113 core log.

Electrum in the Lulu samples is disseminated throughout sample 02-113 67.2 m and occurs as 1-10┬Ám anhedral blobs closely associated with arsenian pyrite and replacing miargyrite (Figure 7). Electrum ranges from 60-70% Au, with most analyses composed of approximately 60% Au and 40% Ag.


Figure 7: Back-scattered electron micrographs, illustrating electrum replacement of miargyrite in sample 02-113, 67.2 m.