Press Release July 2018

This press release indicates the start of SIB work plus illustrates a feature which appeared on the geophysical survey completed earlier this season. This anomaly is located approximately 2 KM south-west of our drill hole number south of the SIB LULU zone. SSRM are planning to review the surface area and then drill the anomaly this season.  Combined with the current drilling plans for SIB the work will enhance the search for Eskay Creek Two.
Our previously announced VTEM geophysical survey is complete and undergoing analysis of the data.  We have had ten days of geological teams on the ground following up certain early leads on the Western Areas beside Garabaldi (GGI-TSX-V) and Metalis (MTS-TSX-V). Data will be released as it becomes available.
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Mac Balkam, CEO
Eskay Mining Corp