CEO Note to Shareholders – August 2014

Management of Eskay Mining Corp. would like to congratulate our neighbor to the east, Seabridge Gold (SEA), on the successful application of their environmental permit to build their planned $5.3 Billion mine adjacent to our property.

Seabridge will now await Canada’s Federal Government approval of the plan. With all parties on side to proceed in BC, receiving Federal approval should evolve quickly. The Harper Government is in favor of resource development and the Seabridge mine could be a massive shot in the arm for North Western BC. It would also help to pay for the NW Hydro Transmission line which was built with both Federal and Provincial funds to develop such resources. Naturally, those who build mines will be required to contribute funds toward the substantial costs of building the transmission line. Obviously, mining projects with nearby power availability have a distinct advantage.

This is excellent news for Seabridge, however, the construction of a mine at their project also has huge implications for Eskay. Their project envisions a mine road to be built from the existing Eskay Creek Mine down the west side of our property, then across the Unik River (north of our existing exploration camp), and along the Sulphretes Creek to their mine. Building this road will be an excellent geological opportunity for Eskay as land (rocks) not yet explored will be exposed all along the route.

This road through our property will have major cost implications for exploration on the Eskay ground. Without this impending road we would need to utilize helicopters in moving people and equipment from one place to another. Now, access on much of our 130,000 acres will be easier with land based equipment. Instead of incurring helicopter operating costs of approximately $1600 per hour whereas trucks can be purchased or leased for a fraction of the expense.

Seabridge Management is actively seeking a Joint Venture (JV) partner to build the mine. Major companies are cautious in committing to projects of this size. Reasons for this could be 1) lack of capital, 2) uncertainty as to where base and precious metal prices are headed or 3) unfriendly jurisdictions where their deposits exist. With an expected operating life more than fifty years, the Seabridge deposit appears to be, potentially, a huge money maker. In effect, this permit provides a big plus for Seabridge and the whole Golden Triangle area of BC. Environmental permits are always difficult to obtain anywhere, and considering Canada’s extremely high standards, Seabridge is to be commended for obtaining this permit.

Further yet to the east of Eskay and Seabridge, Pretivm (PVG) is currently working through their own environmental permitting process. Although the Pretivm project has a much lower capex, in the range of $800 Million, they face many of the same decisions.

Currently, Eskay is perfecting a 3D model of our property geology with a view to better define drill targets. This 3D model, built by Mira Geophysics of Vancouver, is an excellent tool for discussing our future potential with possible JV partners in order to move the project forward. In past years an enormous amount of data and exploration work has been completed by prior operators. In addition to this, the Seabridge and Pretivm successes give Eskay a compelling story for any potential partner.

Take some time to review our Corporate Presentation (August 2013) from the Eskay web site. There is also a brief Geological Presentation in the Projects Tab of the website. Both presentations are currently being updated and should be on the site shortly.

As yet, the junior markets have not attracted the interest we would like to see, but we believe that a quality project like ours will eventually receive the necessary attention it deserves. The project’s massive acreage holds several known geologically interesting occurrences. With elephant-scale deposits on either side of us, we are excited about our future. The eastern side of the Corey region has shown many substantial outcrop samples between 3.0 and 5.5 ounces of gold per ton and up to 2.5 % copper along with nickel, cobalt and PGM’s. Our tenures are in good standing with the BC Ministry of Mines until October 2021.

Currently,Eskay management’s does not entertain any intention of breaking up our land package to allow a smaller operator to explore and drill a small portion of our ground. We are of the opinion that the package will be much more interesting to a major mining company partner as complete package.

Eskay management will continue to approach potential JV partners to work with us to fully explore our projects. The closer Seabridge and/or Pretivm are to completing their plans to go to production the easier our task should get. Our neighbors Pretivm and Seabridge’s deposits are among the largest, richest undeveloped deposits in the world. It is possible they are the largest in the world.

We appreciate our shareholder’s support and encouragement to keep moving forward. Eskay management are major company shareholders and believe shareholders come first.

Finally, Canada has a new Anti Spam email law, which is designed to protect those who don’t wish to receive unwanted emails. Therefore, we are electing to build a new data base, rather than have a problem with the law. If you would like to be included in our data base in order to receive our emails, please click the link on the site to be included.

Mac Balkam, CEO Eskay Mining Corp.

For more information, the following links will take you to the websites of Pretivm and Seabridge.


CEO Note to Shareholders and interested parties

2013 has been an interesting year in the mining exploration business. To state that it was a difficult year or so would be an understatement. Various studies have stated that up to 50% of junior explorers will disappear or change focus to some other marketable product in the near future. As CEO, I state categorically, your company has a world class project in a safe country; we are going to remain a mining exploration company. Management has confidence in our position and projects going forward. Our land positions are in good standing until 2021, so we have lots of time to work through the issues.

Two big events this year that affected Eskay Mining were the lack of interest in the total precious metal complex and therefore the lack of funding in our area. The second, in my opinion, has been the misinformation in the public domain about our neighboring project run by Pretium Resources. Obviously, Eskay Mining’s success is tied to the potential progress of both Pretium Resources PVG-T and Seabridge Gold SEA-T. The other neighbors in our area are sidelined by legal disputes among partners, which are a shame for both parties, at least in my opinion.

I encourage you to review our latest Corporate Presentation of August 2013 on our web site, ( This was prepared by James Rogers, PGeo, who was formerly the Chief Geologist at the original Eskay Creek Mine for ten years. Jim knows the area and the rocks. Unfortunately, at this stage, we cannot raise the funds required to proof up our theories or what needs to be worked on to create shareholder value. Management refuses to dilute us into oblivion with cheap shares at this time. Management does not live off the shareholders and has large skin in this game, so, shareholders come first, or to quote a line from Ford Motor Company, they are” Job One”.

You may rightfully ask us, what your plan is going forward. Well, obviously we need to obtain a large Joint Venture on a portion or all of our ground. A second possibility would be a potential merger with a corporate entity that has technical help as well as the cash to move forward. Naturally, any type of merger would have to benefit both parties to be workable. We can’t say when or if the metals market or interest in junior explorers will improve. Hope is not a great investing concept I’m told, so we won’t hope, we will deal with the facts going forward.

I encourage shareholders to watch the progress of both neighbors’ projects. As a reality check, your company has 95 million shares trading around five cents, so the market capitalization is approximately $4.5 Million Canadian Dollars. Not much market value for 130,000 acres beside the old Eskay Creek mine which was at the time the 2nd richest deposit in North America and the 5th largest silver producer in the world. Then we border so many millions of ounces of gold in the deposits of our neighbors. Nobody can dispute we are in the right neighborhood.

One resource letter writer even refers to North West BC as the richest metal area on the planet. He could well be right, time will tell. There are a multitude of gold projects in unfriendly places in the world, so our position should be worth more attention from investors going forward. We have several geological anomalies which remain to be tested. In effect, one of our problems is too many projects within one property package. Few companies have our interesting problems. In 2016, the plan calls for Pretium to place their Valley of the Kings deposit into production. Pretium’s recent press release indicates over eleven million ounces of gold at a grade in excess of 16 grams per tonne. Once in production, the infrastructure will become much better in our area. As well, we expect their success to focus attention in North West British Columbia area.

Your management will continue to move forward. We have regulatory expenses to keep the company in good standing but little other expenses. We will continue to pursue the goal of shareholder enhancement going forward. Our shareholder lists include a vast majority of the outstanding shares aligned with management, so we do not anticipate an unrealistically low ball bid would be successful in the future. Obviously, Management has no control over bids that could come to surface, but our intent is to listen to our shareholder base in the event a bid comes to the table.

Eskay Management wishes all of our shareholders a Happy Holiday season and looks forward to 2014 becoming a much more exciting time for our investors. Thank you for your support and interest in the company.

Mac Balkam, CEO
Eskay Mining Corp

Note from Eskay Mining published on in London, England

I was in London last week to meet with parties relative to our company. This article was written by Alastair Ford a journalist at I have previously mentioned on several occasions that enticing institutions to listen to our exploration story is difficult. Firms want near production to invest in today’s market. However, I do note that several companies in the Yukon are having success with their drilling programs and are getting some needed traction.

The metal markets continue to perform which is to our future benefit. is a free site available to all.

Our summer drilling/geological program is progressing on plan.


Mac Balkam, CEO
Eskay Mining Corp.

– – – – – – – – –
September 09, 2010
Eskay Mining Is Hoping For A Game-Changing Drill Hit From Its Ongoing Exploration Campaign In British Columbia
By Alastair Ford

It can be uphill work trying to get London’s investment community interested in an early stage exploration play, even if it is in gold, and even if it is in a safe jurisdiction. The hesitancy isn’t about the commodity or the geography; it’s about the business model. London has always liked its blue sky exploration supported by a decent slug of cashflow from a producing mine. And, with so much money lost and never to return during the financial crisis, that’s probably truer now than ever before. To be fair, the City would probably also like royalty companies, if there were any around for it to invest in. But, saving the investment house Anglo Pacific, which is well respected, but which has also recently listed in Canada in an attempt to find a peer group, there isn’t. So exploration supported by cash flow, it is. That’s the specialty, and by and large it suits London down to the ground.

Every now and then, though, you wonder if the City might be missing a trick. Mac Balkam from Eskay Mining was recently in town, doing what rounds he could. And although he did get in to see a fair few people, there were plenty more for whom Eskay’s early stage elephant hunt in the wilds of British Columbia held little appeal. That’s a shame, because the Eskay story is a good, perhaps even a great story, and anybody who passes up the opportunity to hear it may also be passing up the opportunity of investing in a company that could go from being worth millions to being worth billions if it gets the drill hits it’s hoping for.

“Our property has the potential to host another Eskay Creek”, says Mac simply. Right there, distilled, into a single short sentence, is the key to the story. From the time of its discovery in 1989 by a Canadian junior, right up to its heyday as one of Barrick’s flagship operations, Eskay Creek has always looked like a Cadillac among mines. Indeed it ended up becoming one of the most prolific mines in the world, and at one stage was the second richest gold mine in Canada, and the fifth largest silver producer in the world. The grades were good, and, until it was eventually mined out in 2008, the profits were huge. Two things about that stand out as far as Eskay Mining is concerned. The first relates to infrastructure; the second to geology. Eskay holds all the ground around the old Eskay mine, and then some. Indeed, its total land package of 130,000 acres is described by Mac, at one point, as “too much for a junior”. That succinct statement may be a subtle signpost to the way ahead, but in the nearer term, the proximity of the old road to Eskay Creek, and the well- established precedent of local mining set by Barrick, mean that any major discovery from Eskay Mining would already be well served by infrastructure. Not far away, a new power line called the Northwest Transmission Line, is just going in.

Before any of that comes into play, though, Eskay needs to find something big enough to merit further work. The geological precedents are interesting to say the least. First off, it’s worth noting that directly to the east of huge swathes of Eskay ground lies the license that hosts Seabridge’s Kerr-Sulphurets-Mitchell project. This hosts, as at the last count in January, 38.9 million ounces of gold and 10 billion pounds of copper. Beyond that lies Silver Standard ground, and two projects that also host prolific amounts of metal – the Snowfield project, with 19.8 million ounces of gold and 50.9 million ounces of silver in the measured and indicated categories, with more inferred, and the Brucejack project, with four million ounces of gold and 65.4 million ounces of silver in the measured and indicated categories, also with more inferred. Add them all up and you are talking hundreds of millions of ounces of gold and gold equivalent, albeit that these are all huge low-grade, bulk tonnage targets.

It’s elephant country alright, and what makes the Eskay proposition interesting is that after the model of Eskay Creek itself the company is targeting volcanogenic massive sulphide (VMS) targets, rather than low grade disseminated mineralisation like the properties currently under development by Silver Standard and Seabridge. Many market participants in Canada and elsewhere have expressed reservations about whether any real development will ever come up at Kerr-Suphurets-Mitchell, although to be fair it has already made it through the pre-feasibility stage. But that’ll be neither here nor there as far as Eskay Mining is concerned if it can hit another major VMS deposit.

“The Eskay rift is 32 kilometres long”, says Mac. “And we’ve got 27 kilometres of it.” The rest is owned by Barrick, which is pulling out, and wouldn’t mind an opportunity to get to work on that ground too. “I’d like to approach Barrick”, he says. “If this were a really interesting market, in which I could finance easily, I would want to take a run at the Barrick ground.” The market’s tight, though, so for the time being Mac will have to content himself with the current drill programme, which is working up at the SIB-Lulu prospect on Eskay’s ground a few kilometres to the south of Eskay Creek. “It would be nice to get a big drill-hole”, says Mac, but even if the blue sky is huge, he’s not getting overly romantic about it. “What you need is science and luck.”

Eskay has around 35 days of drilling left up in those British Columbia mountains, and the really interesting time will be when the results from that campaign start to come back from the assay labs. At that point we’ll know, at least on first pass, whether those who bought into Mac’s story early were being clever, or over-optimistic. But if the company does get a big drill hit, it’s more than likely that Mac will come back through London again, perhaps looking for money to take it to the next level. No doubt at that stage the wise heads will be eager to open their doors to him.

“Gold is Gold, Paper is Paper”

CEO Note to Shareholders August 3, 2010

Alex G. was a former Stock Broker colleague during the early 1980’s when I started in the business. He was probably in his mid 70’s when we met and had been a broker for many years. At his age, he had lived through the depression and of course the high inflation of the decade of the 1970’s. This quote was his reality check for young brokers.

Those old enough to recall the 1970’s, remember the run up in gold, oil and commodities during that time. It was a period of high inflation and a languishing stock market in the USA. Canada did very well with resources. Along came Paul Volker, head of the Federal Reserve, who drove interest rates to extremes to kill inflation and in effect, gain control of the economy. He also killed the commodities bull market and created the paper bull market.

Now, here we are thirty years later, commodities are continuing to rise but strangely, inflation is relatively tame, at least according to official government statistics. The paper bull market is in jeopardy. Witness the melt down of two years ago and the recent trouble of Greece et al. Some economic commentators say we will have deflation, some say hyper inflation. I personally fall in the latter camp, as the former, would doom most economies to decades of political uncertainty and most probably civil unrest. There are enough folks commenting on these issues without me adding to the mix. I do belive; the current Federal Reserve head is pumping huge amounts of money into a zero interest rate economy in an effort to prevent a rerun of the dirty 30’s. I’m thinking, my old friend Alex’s quote above may be very much back in vogue.

Where does this preamble fit into our Eskay Mining Corp story? It is exactly that situation we have to operate within. The demand for all commodities including metals and oil in particular are in huge demand by the growing economies of India and China. However, even though the high metals prices entice junior companies to search for new large scale deposits, with a view to replace dwindling supply; few are having success in finding economic ore bodies. We may view many reports of drill results with metal content, but finding an ore body containing enough metal content in an economically mineable situation remains the largest difficulty. I believe the largest economic gain comes in a junior company which goes from zero recorded resources to the possibility of an economic ore body.

I have outlined in my previous CEO notes ( refer to our web site) the difficulty junior companies like Eskay experience in raising funds to explore for these potential discoveries. Most individual investors were scared to risk capital following the massive market meltdown in 2008. To make matters worse, the investment funds who were the source of many funds for our type of Exploration Company, are no longer investing in firms without reserves or resources. I suspect it gives the managers some form of cover for their investment when they have resources of any kind.

In Canada, the governments allow juniors to sell shares to either funds or individual investors, which we then “flow through” to those investors, the write off of those expenses incurred by us in the exploration of our property. That vehicle, in effect was the only reason we were able to raise over $ 3 million to carry our seasons drilling and exploration program. In return for this tax break, Governments receive both of employment and the opportunity of discovery, which will lead to more investment and employment.

I mentioned this spring that our goal for 2010 was to complete a program of about $3 million on the St Andrew Goldfields SIB/Lulu optioned property. We believed this was a key land component for Eskay and our future. This program will allow us to earn 80% interest in the property. We will then control 130,000 acres of the Eskay Rift. Geologic study suggests that the original Eskay Creek deposit was a Volcanogenic Massive Sulfide deposit hosted within the Eskay Rift. This rift runs some 32 Km and is about 10 Km in width. Eskay now will control 28 Km of this rift beginning about 4 km from the Eskay mine.

Our 2008 program (report on Web Site under Projects) made what we feel is a discovery not unlike the original 21A zone of the Eskay Creek mine. (You can read about the mine discovery on the History section of the web site.) On Monday July 26, the drill started working on the first of 7-10 holes of drilling to follow up on the previous program.

Previous work on the Sib/Lulu and Corey property included airborne geophysical surveys. This included flying over the existing Eskay Creek mine property. However, nobody ever took all of this data, along with drilling results, lithogeochemistry, surface samples and other data, and put it all into a comprehensive geophysical 3D model. We have now done that, prior to starting this seasons drilling. The geologists are interpreting that work to see what in fact, it means for our current quest to find Eskay Two. We need both science and luck to find a huge ore deposit. I believe we have the science.

Re branding this company to its current form has been an interesting task. We believe Eskay is now on sound footing for the future. However, a successful drilling program will enhance interest in your company. I mentioned above, the quest is a large economic ore body. You will note from our web site that we have two neighbors with substantial reserves and resources in excess of 70 million Ounces of Gold, plus massive silver and copper. Check out the web sites of Seabridge gold and Silver Standard Resources for information on their property and status. However, those deposits have lower grade material and require major engineering and costs to put into production. Remember the mention of economic ore bodies. If the two company ore bodies beside Eskay are deemed economic, it will only enhance our land holdings in the future. The goal for Eskay this summer is to enhance our land holdings via our own drilling.

For reference, the Eskay Creek mine was only 2.49 million tons of material at an average grade of over one ounce of gold per ton and about seventy ounces of silver per ton. Think about your company’s task. The Eskay Creek ore body was approximately 600 meters in length, by 200 meters long, by 200 meters high or for the jocks in the crowd, 6 football fields, by 2 football fields by 2 football fields. Now, imagine that small ore body located in 130,000 acres of land with mountains, valleys and glaciers. It is a great challenge, but a massive reward for shareholders if we find Eskay Two. You do this math yourself to come up with some kind of present value that an Eskay Creek mine would be worth today. Use about 4 million ounces of gold, 150 million ounces of silver and then throw in base metals. The Eskay Creek mine was all those metals. Metal prices today are much higher than when the original discovery was made. As well, the whole area is much more sought after for metals. A new power line is being built past the property. I continue believing, the fact this is in Canada, enhances potential value on discovery.

Since becoming CEO on November 12, last fall, I have talked with and heard from many shareholders who have the same belief I share about this company. The fact that this is a high risk play, most investors fully recognize. I say again, if you do not understand the risk/ reward at play here, this is not the type of investment you should have in your account.

I’ve been lucky enough in my career to enjoy a junior penny stock going from where we trade now to over $25. Will that happen again to me, the odds say no, but we will see what the future holds?

I’ve read that VMS deposits occur in clusters in most mining camps of the world. If the Eskay Creek Mine is the only deposit in that Eskay rift, it is an occurrence unlike most others. Granted, it is probably the smallest and richest VMS deposit in the know mining world, but the possibility that it is the only deposit there is an interesting possibility. If this were easy, the other deposits would have been mined out long ago. Believe me, I’ve listened to all the reasons our quest for Eskay Two is foolhardy. That is why we have two of the original Eskay Creek finding geologist involved in our geological advisory board. They don’t believe there is only one deposit there, and I guess, neither do we, the shareholders of Eskay Mining Corp. (Reread the History section of the web site again.)

On a final note, we welcome a new director to our Board. Doug Chalmers has been a very successful CEO/Manager building his own engineering/construction company from scratch in 1973 to over 550 employees prior to selling out to a major private company involved in all facets of construction in NA. They employ over 12,000 and Doug is still actively involved with that team. Although, the majority of Doug’s work was in the petro chemical business, a lot of the same principles apply for the resource industry. We welcome his business leadership skills and acumen to our business.

In the past, I’ve mentioned, your firm is running with limited staff to answer shareholder inquiries of a minor nature. To that end, it is my desire to immensely improve our communication ability via our web site. Enhancements to that are in the works. To date, our focus has been raising money and planning the exploration program. In that regard we have had great success.

We will keep you posted about our drilling and exploration programs as they unfold. Keep in mind, there is a long lag between drilling and receiving results which may be published in due course. Naturally, we are all interested in these results.


Mac Balkam, CEO
Eskay Mining Corp.

Shareholder/Investor Update, April 2010

CEO’s Note to Shareholders and interested Investors

Our web site now has a link set on the home page with a video produced by Smartstox, interviewing both Paul McGuigan and myself. This video is intended to bean outline of what we plan to do this year with the exploration program. We intend to concentrate our efforts on the St. Andrew Goldfields option in order to earn our 80% interest in the property. Naturally, all plans are subject to financial ability of the company. At this time, many investment funds are not as anxious to invest in our type of company, ie one without resources or reserves. However, we are working diligently to make our plans a reality for 2010.

The market for junior gold exploration companies remains lackluster at best. As I outlined in last month’s CEO notes, there are too many companies looking for dollars from shareholders. Interest however does pick up rapidly with success.

We are posting a couple of interesting articles about the Golden Triangle of BC, which gives background and information on our opportunity. There is a much needed power transmission line being built through our area, which will open up large interest in the area.

I trust the video and articles will provide you with better information for you to make decisions on your shareholdings. Your company has also begun advertising on two of the premier gold related web sites, and This is helping increase awareness of our company and the potential. As well, we have completed a CEO Clips piece to be aired on BNN one week per month beginning on April 19th. These are 30 second pieces to gain exposure to Eskay Mining.

The move to Toronto is almost complete with changes made to the web site to reflect those changes.

During the past few months we have made great progress to developing our plans for success. Patience is a virtue when it comes to junior mining investments. I have heard from shareholders with more patience than myself, which is a good thing going forward.

Mac Balkam, CEO

Shareholder/Investor Update, March 3, 2010

CEO’s Note to Shareholders and interested Investors

The time since new management was elected to the board as directors and completely changed this company, including the name, is now four months plus. With our new management team firmly in place we are committed to building shareholder wealth in Eskay Mining Corporation.

To date, our share price has not moved up much to reflect these important changes. However, in traveling to mining shows and talking with brokers and analyst, I’m reminded there are a lot of junior mining companies attempting to get investors attention? When one looks at the share price of the major mining firms, their share prices have not moved as much as one would have expected with the higher metal prices we have seen today. Nobody has a real crystal ball to look into and see what the future holds, so we have to invest based on our own due diligence and tolerance. I always like to say, it is what it is.

Eskay Mining Corp. is a pure exploration company with a massive land holding in a very prolific mining area (as outlined on our web site). To date, we do not have a 43-101 compliant report for reserves or resources. The Golden Triangle area is an expensive place to work and the window for that work is just over 4 months per annum. That is, until a mine is discovered and then it is as good as any in the world, except, it is in the safe part of the world with a mining history and rule of law. Our people can get to the site in hours from Vancouver, British Columbia.

The additions (outlined in the March 1st 2010 Press Release) to our Geological Advisory Board will complement the team at Cambria Geosciences. Paul McGuigan and his team have done a great job to date. The additions of Chet and David are meant to expand that knowledge and add to our chance of success.

They were the discovery group for the original Eskay Creek mine. As Chet has already been named “Mining Man of the Year”, he knows exactly what it feels like to find the big discovery. We now have the collective experience necessary to guide your company through all the necessary facets that we need on our property.

The big question everybody wants us to answer, “Will you find the second Eskay Creek?” As I outlined above, nobody has a crystal ball, but we now have the scientist in place to build on all the geological work completed up to this date on our properties. I urge you to read the History section on our web site about how the original Eskay Creek deposit was discovered.

Remember, If this were an easy process, your company would not have this property and the deposits potentially on our ground, (should they be there), would have been mined out by now. We are encouraged that the two companies to our east boundary, Seabridge Gold (SEA-T) and Silver Standard (SSO-T) who have announced reserves and resources of over 65 Million ounces of gold plus Silver and copper in sizeable amounts.

In sum, this is what makes this company so interesting from a speculative point of view. I mentioned, there are lots of junior exploration companies, but few with World class land packages in safe locals and oh yes, encompassing the site of the 2nd richest gold mine in North America, and 5th largest silver producer in the world.

Again, please look at the maps on our web site. Now, we have put together, experienced management, great geological people and this land package. Another important point for investors to consider, as CEO, I own almost 3.9 million shares purchased in the market. That represents over 5% of the outstanding stock. So you know that I and most of my management have “skin in the game”. We are aligned with everybody else in this quest.

Time will tell what the result is going forward, but we are moving as fast as we can with the goal of building shareholder wealth, which will mirror the 1989 experience at Eskay. The Golden Triangle in BC is a great place to focus.

Do your own Due Diligence to make sure you understand exactly what we are in relation to the risk of your capital. I was a former member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and I am fully aware of speculative deals which people invest their hard earned money. Let’s be clear from the offset. if it works, great, but most don’t work. I personally, am not anxious to take a tax loss on my investment, but I’m prepared for that eventuality.

In my second career (as a Financial Consultant for almost 25 years), I can tell you I see companies today, still in existence from when I started in the early 1980’s as a broker. They have never been highly successful, but somehow, they are still operating. Be fully cognizant of exactly what this company is and is trying to accomplish. In fact, your company in several forms has been in existence for over 20 years without success for shareholders. That is the reason it has a new group and focus. This is not a Guaranteed Investment item. It is not for widows and orphans as they say, except those with real risk capital. As CEO, I want everybody to be clear of the facts.

As in the past email sent out to this list, you are on our email list and we are trying to ascertain those whom are interested to be kept informed. If you no longer have interest, please reply by return email and we will take you off the email list.

Also, the Head Office is in the process of moving to Toronto and there is not a huge staff to answer minor questions. Everybody has the same information and all information is on the web site and on Sedar. If there are specific questions, please submit an email and the company will contact you directly.

Mac Balkam, President/CEO & Director